WDCU impose player suspension

The WDCU Disciplinary Committee has suspended Mahmood Alam (or Alum), formerly of East Kilbride CC, from all WDCU cricket, for five weeks, commencing on 23rd April 2011.

Mr Alam was found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute, a charge he earlier admitted at a separate disciplinary hearing conducted by East Kilbride, who banned him from their club for one year.

The WDCU understands that Alam has made contact with at least one other club seeking to play for them.

Members should be aware that although Mr Alam is eligible to register with another club, under no circumstances can he play until the suspension period has been completed. Any club contravening this is likely to incur a severe penalty.

If any members are approached by Mr Alam, please refer him to the Club President.

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