Canine Discrimination uncovered at heart of WDCU

BBC Scotland CC President, Jack McGill, has uncovered institutional canisism at the upper levels of the Western District Cricket Union.

The Club's attempts to register Digby Dog were thwarted by the Player Registration Facilitator, Eric Young. In a statement, the official said: "We respect all our four-legged friends, but in this instance there was a question mark against Digby Dog's age."

"We also have to take into consideration that chewing a ball could open Digby to accusations of tampering. We invite the BBC cricketers to make another attempt to register Digby when he reaches 18 years of age (dog years, obviously)."

In the meantime, the Beeb boys will need to make do with Digby's considerably slower owner, Tom Cara, who opened his season with a respectable ten runs last night in a pre-season friendly against The Biologists.

"Digby does struggle to hold a bat," admitted Cara, "but he's already demonstrated a better ability to catch the ball than Phil Goodlad."

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