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BBC Scotland's Greenwood Cup match at Titwood on Wednesday was rained off by a badly timed shower. An hour earlier and the only rain of the day would not have affected a match that would otherwise have been played under a milky early evening sun.

The match, which must be played by June 4, will now be rescheduled.

Peter Mellis puffed and panted his way to his 470th birthday last Friday, while David Blane arrived at this Big 3 0, in an elegant Mercedes. Congratulations to both. David will be celebrating his birthday in Curlers Rest on Byres Road on Saturday evening. All cricketing friends welcome.

And finally, Ani Vaidya returned from India engaged. The arrangement seemingly took some time as Tannu, the future Mrs Vaidya, is a Rajasthan Royals fan, but having overcome their IPL differences Ani is now said to be delighted. Congratulations to Ani and Tannu.
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