May 2, Sunday Friendly v. West of Scotland (40 overs)

The first forty-over match for the BBC was an enjoyable afternoon out at Hamilton Crescent and showed areas of improvement from the effort earlier in the week against GU Staff. The bowling attack of Tauro, Hines, Dean, Balani and the all-action Goodlad performed superbly and joined eventually by Colin Moffat, a picture of sartorial elegance, they bowled out the West team for 196. The innings, however, was not without incident: West's opener, who went on to score 104, before being bowled by Gregor Dean, was dropped on 0, 4, and 28. It also featured the first of what will surely become a regular occurance this season: the 'Bharat's-never-going-to-make-that' catching effort. Captain, David Holmes, was later found in the corner of the dressing room in the foetal position rocking to and fro and quietly mumbling to himself, "catches win matches...catches win matches".

What should have been a tremendous opportunity to get some much needed time at the crease proved more to be short-lived chaos as captain Holmes, left eye still twitching slightly, triggered an alarming collapse when his off-stump was torn so far out the ground the wicket-keeper had to run for cover. The skipper was quickly followed by Nick Rougvie, lbw, and Jack McGill, who was run-out - if anyone missed it - after calling for a quick single, turning back and slipping on his arse.

Only Ewan Crawford made any inroads and looked comfortable, if inelegant, on 45 before eventually finding the middle of the bat...and a fielder with big hands at short mid-off. "Catches win matches," screamed Holmesy, throwing himself through the dressing room window. With little else of note in a dismal total of 93, it felt a little like one-step forward and two-steps back.

West: 196 all out
BBC: 93 all out
MOTM: Phil Goodlad

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