QuipuTV dominates Pairs Challenge

The partners of Glasgow production company, QuipuTV dominated proceedings at Tuesday night's Pairs.

Teams picked by Michael Hines, using the time-honoured method of turning one's back and numbering everyone, brought together:

Ewan Crawford / Alan Lawson
Steve Collins / Zohaib Ali
Kamran Butt / Will Cory
Michael Hines / Martin di Paola
Jack McGill / Mike Stanger
Alex Leithead / David Holmes

Each pair faced five overs from a mix of fast and slow bowlers and was deducted four runs for a wicket lost.

The night came to life with the first wicket, Ewan Crawford not picking the movement of Zohaib Ali and losing his middle stump. Thereafter, each wicket was greeted with triumph by the fielders, forgetting that it would shortly be their turn in the middle.

Highlights of the evening included some excellent catching from Michael Hines, Zohaib Ali and Ewan Crawford, and a fine introduction to wicketkeeping from Steve Collins.

Despite scoring plenty of runs, some pairs couldn't keep their wicket - with Michael Hines losing all six wickets in his partnership with Martin di Paola, much to the mirth of the fielders.

The number of catches reflected the chances being taken by the batsmen and on an evening of quite extraordinary wicket-taking, Zohaib Ali, Kamran Butt, Will Cory, David Holmes, Michael Hines, and Martin di Paola all took wickets, with Alan Lawson twice bowling Kammy in what must thusfar rank as one of the upsets of the season.

But the evening belonged to the QuipuTV partnership of Mike Stanger and Jack McGill. Mike, making his annual appearance, ran like a man 140 years his junior, and coasted to 25 off 18 balls, including a well-timed six over the midwicket boundary. If Jack was very much the junior (read: less talented) partner at the crease he made up for it in the field with three wickets, three catches, two run-outs and a stumping...most of which seemed to come off Will Cory (who later exacted his revenge)

In all, it was a splendid, balmy evening at Titwood and good practice for the matches ahead. Thanks to all who participated with such good humour.

Final standings:

Mike Stanger / Jack McGill: 45-2
Alex Leithead / David Holmes: 51-4
Steve Collins / Zohaib Ali: 34-0
Ewan Crawford / Alan Lawson: 42-3
Kamran Butt / Will Cory: 38-8
Michael Hines / Martin di Paola: 26-6

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