Scoresheet for Biologists Match Posted

The scoresheet for the WDCU match against the Biologists XI has now been deciphered and posted on the website. A few slight inconsistencies in the hand-written versions had to be gently manipulated to achieve the result agreed on the night, namely a tie. For this reason you may notice that the total scored by each side, although equal, is slightly adrift from the target we were aiming for at the time and which appears in the match report. Despite this, all our team's batting and bowling figures are still a very close representation of each individual's performance.

The Pitchpad software's web view of the match appears here. It includes various graphical views including an interesting worm graph but sadly, not on this occasion, wagonwheels. That's because the data was entered into the PC retrospectively from the hand-written sheets. For the same reason, any timings shown are meaningless.

We hope to try to do electronic scoring as often as possible in future in order to generate more interesting reports but on the inevitable days when we have to resort to paper can I make a special plea that scorers try to enter as much detail into the batsmen's lines as possible including the outcome of every ball faced, whether scoring or not, using the same symbols as the bowling lines. It's also important to know which bowler bowled each over which isn't always obvious.

Our 2010 Stats page has now been updated to include this match but please note that the previous match (friendly vs West of Scotland) has still to be entered.

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