And on the 20th day of the eighth month in the year of our lord 2012, was born...another ginger

Congratulations to Tom and Cathy Cara on the birth of their son, Rory Robin Michael Cara. Baby Cara was announced to the world at 1214h on Monday and so has to face virtually an entire working week before enjoying his first day off.

Dad, Tom, was immensely proud of Rory's mane of red hair. "Recessive gene, my arse," he said as his son burst into the outside world weighing a whopping 10lb 6oz.

Both mother and child are doing very well. Tom, however, has admitted to feeling "tired and emotional."

In other news, Club President, Jack McGill, announced his engagement to Lucy Lake, described by Alex Leithead as the "catch of the season".

And we look forward to a report on the Leithead wedding itself, in just over a week's time, in the hope that Alex uses this week's opportunity - to score his last runs as a bachelor - to good effect.

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