Made it ma: top of the world!

Last Friday's Quiz Night @ the Movies was a huge success for both the BBC Scotland CC and hosts, Clydesdale CC.

A packed bar was treated to a difficult but entertaining movie quiz, compiled and hosted by Jack McGill.

The eventual winners were Disgruntled Buccaneers, featuring the Beeb's own Colin Moffat, Will Cory, and Martin di Paola, who narrowly defeated a team featuring Clydesdale's Paddy Barbour, Calum Lindsay and Johnny McKay. The Buccaneers, however, failed with the cash prize question and so left empty-handed.

If anyone would like to have a guess, here it is:

Using standard 35mm reels, how long in metres is a 120 minute film?

Many thanks to those from Weirs, GU and other teams who attended and to all those who donated prizes for the raffle.

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