BBC prepare for debut in the Small Clubs Cup - TEAM NEWS


The BBC Scotland CC will debut in the Small Clubs Cup this year minus their three senior players. 

Club Captain, David Holmes, is producing coverage from Grange CC in Edinburgh of the second ODI between Scotland and Pakistan, while Club President, Jack McGill, is at DEFCON 4 awaiting the arrival of his son and has an agonising choice between a trip to Lords where is guest speaker at an ICC Europe lunch, or staying at home to give backrubs and cuddles to his wife.

Peter Mellis, meanwhile, has not been seen since an error-riddled goalkeeping performance at fives on Monday. Fortunately, Steve Collins has the gloves!

Here's your team for the Small Clubs Cup 1st Round, at home to St Ronald:

D. Blane

T. Cara

S. Collins

M. di Paola

S. Edwards

VT. Jose

A. Lawson

A. Leithead

ZA. Qayyum

P. Tucker

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