BBC pounced on by Panthers


The BBC crashed out of the Greenwood Trophy on Thursday evening against a honed and lethal Poloc Panthers side.

Having won the toss and elected to bat, the top order missed the likes of Mellis and Blane. Thomas Jose showed that his place in the top three is warranted with a score of 22, and could well have gone on to score another big total had it not been for the faultless catching of the Panthers – not one catch was dropped in the entire innings.

New players Barnes and McIlwraith demonstrated that they have much to offer the club with the bat, and should prove to be very useful middle order batsmen in future matches. But, despite some promising batting, the scoreline reflected more the ruthless bowling and fielding effort by Poloc Panthers, and the BBC were bowled out for a total of 79.

Defending the total soon proved impossible, and bowling against the opening batsmen for Panthers was frustrating. In a display that was almost callous, Baig (on his debut) and Akram scored 43 and 33 respectively.

Despite the defeat, there are certainly positives to take away. Above all, everyone enjoyed playing cricket at a beautiful ground. (There aren’t many people who can say they have played a match where there is a neighbouring field of buttercups and highland cows.) The Greenwood Trophy may be out of reach for another season, but improvement will surely continue, especially with the club’s new signings.

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