Wheels come off against GHK

Despite the glorious sunshine at Titwood the wheels came off the BBC’s batting attack on Wednesday.

Having lost the toss the BBC were put in to bat, with Dismore and Mellis opening. Grandad Mellis, so often the mainstay of the BBC side, ran himself out having scored only two runs. Fortunately, Dismore dug in for a more solid performance (making a total of 32 before being bowled out), and his partnership with Blane brought the BBC up to 52 runs before Blane was caught out. What followed can only be described as a collapse. The BBC went from 51-2 to 51-5 remarkably quickly, with Leithead facing, and surviving, a hat-trick ball.

Only Qayyum showed any more defiance, with a score of 26 which included six fours. By the time they were all bowled out the BBC had managed a total of only 80 to defend.

Defeat seemed only a matter of time. Qayyum, who has shown that he has more determination when making the change from being a fast bowler to a fasting bowler, took his first scalp on the first ball of GHK’s innings, with a fine catch from Grandad Mellis at point. Mellis would take two more catches (another from Qayyum’s bowling, and one from Lord Blane’s). Collins managed to run out Z. Iqbal, who was certainly GHK’s most threatening batsman. A problem with the DRS replay meant that the original decision of the umpire could not be challenged, and Iqbal fumed off the pitch. Honourable mention should also go to Martin di Paola whose safety glasses ensured he could see the ball well enough to stop a number of boundaries and avoid complete embarrassment.

But the crack of leather on willow was once again the sound of inevitability for the BBC, and halfway through the 13th over, GHK brought their score up to 84-4, winning the match by six wickets. A modicum of respectability had at least been restored in the field, however.

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