Match report: Clydesdale capitulate to belligerent BBC

Following the BBC’s narrow and controversial defeat the week before, the match against Clydesdale was always going to be a test of character. Would the team fight back and show that it is worthy of a victory? Or would it simply retreat to the silent acceptance that winning matches is simply not what they do?


It did not take long for the ambition to succeed to be revealed. Having won the toss Clydesdale elected to bat.  It did not go well.


Inspired by the anger that fires up Ali Qayyum, the bowlers showed no mercy. Edwards, continuing his fine form, took the first wicket by bowling Singh lbw with Clydesdale having scored just six runs. The wickets began to tumble, with another excellent caught and bowled by Edwards (which was almost a carbon copy of the one from the previous week’s match), and one also from Blane, whose athleticism will surely crumble when he becomes a father. At 26-5 it seemed that Clydesdale’s innings would be short.


But Clydesdale’s captain, Forsyth, was not going to go down without a fight. With a batting display that single-handedly saved both the innings and self-esteem, he ground out a much-needed half-century. The Clydesdale batting performance should also include a mention for Berryman – partly because he seemed to be the lovechild of Danny Rawling and Nick Rougvie, but also because he scored 16 off 10 balls, with two very impressive sixes in the process.


But with a target of 113, the BBC had a game on their hands. The bowlers had done their bit. Now it was up to the batsmen to finish the job.


McGill and Jose opened the batting for the BBC, and when the end of season awards are handed out, McGill must surely be presented with a pink cap. When he was caught out the overall score was 28-1, and his contribution had been 4 runs off 12 balls, with one boundary. Jose looked tired, but continued to bat until he was run out on 53-2. A strong partnership with an equally impressive Blane laid a solid foundation for the BBC’s batting attack.


Club newcomer Mishra was hoping to prove that the duck in last week’s match was not his usual dish, but when the ball struck his pads on his first ball McGill (now umpiring) raised his finger. Were Mishra not the gentleman he is, he might have been tempted to raise a finger or two of his own.


Out come Qayyum, ready to reach a half century again, but this was not the night for that. Allowing ambition to get the better of him, he found himself being run out on 12.


Then the lanky Australian strutted his way to the middle. Without any kind of stress or worry, Edwards swatted balls around the field to ease to a win for the BBC side. Scoring 29 off 22 balls, which included 4 fours. But it was David Blane who had the last word; the final shot for victory was a magnificent six which will no doubt live in the memories of those present for some time to come.


After two years without a league victory, a solid result was achieved on the back of a disappointing cup match. The side showed great strength of character, which no doubt owes a lot to the coaching and encouragement offered by Ali Qayyum. Further victories are sure to follow.

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