BBC bow out of Glasgow Cup

Last Thursday’s match against Kelburne was largely a formality. The BBC was all but out of the Glasgow Cup, and hasn’t won a match in that competition since the unforgettable victory over Glasgow University Staff at Titwood last year. The lack of success even extended to the coin toss before the match. The BBC lost the toss and was put into the field.


O’Connell (32) and Allan (51) opened the batting for Kelburne, and showed little intent of losing their wickets cheaply. When they finally did fall, Qayyum had a hand in both. O’Connell fell first, being caught by Qayyum off Mishra, before Allan was bowled by Qayyum, bringing the hosts’ total to 100-2.


The next wicket was taken by the BBC’s new wicket-keeper, stumping Miller (21) off Hines’s bowling. (It is worth noting here that Kar is following the format of keeping made indelible for so long by McGill; his chat behind the stumps is quite simply inexhaustible.) Hines took another wicket, leaving Kelburne with a score of 125-4 at the end of their innings.


The BBC had fielded well, and kept the run rate down. A target of 126 was attainable.


At least, it would have been were it not for the forensic fielding and precision bowling from Kelburne. Only Jose (19), Qayyum (20), and Mishra (36) managed to make it to double figures. And with a total of 31-3 after ten overs, it seemed as if the BBC were slumping to another embarrassing defeat.


But Mishra stepped up, and with a series of majestic strokes, proving that he is a very useful all-rounder, managed to salvage some pride, and give Kelburne enough doubt to make them fight for their victory in the last five overs.


But the slowness of scoring in the first ten overs proved impossible to overcome and Kelburne won the match by 21 runs.

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