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BBC performed admirably last week against league leaders, Queen's Park, but their total of 147 fell 21 runs short of a surprise upset.

Despite some encouraging and aggressive batting, especially from David Holmes (33) and David Blane (49), the bowlers struggled to find a breakthrough, with each missing out on wickets after some poor catching efforts.

Tight bowling from Michael Hines choked the Queen's Park run rate and in between the wides, David Blane bowled an excellent length.

Ultimately, a shortage of fielders and too many lapses in concentration by those who were playing, cost the beeb boys the chance at overturning a chasable 168.

MOTM: David Blane

Match stats and scoresheet to follow.

In other news, Mrs Balani arrives from Mumbai this week. Arrangements will be made for an evening out to congratulate the happy couple...some seven months after they were married.

The tour has also been confirmed for Aug 6-8 and confirmations will be needed asap to allow booking of accommodation and travel. Please inform Jack McGill if you will be touring.

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