Binary Scorecard for Beeb in pre-season shocker

Wednesday's pre-season warm-up against Clydesdale will not be a night that the BBC boys will want to remember in a hurry. Rushed out to bat with little chance to get warmed up, no one really looked like they had their eye in. This suspicion was confirmed by the rapid departure of David Holmes, Ewan Crawford and Nick Rougvie. For a time it seemed like Peter Mellis might mount some kind of charge, but having seen McGill, Vaidya and Cara all depart without so much as a run to their name, impatience got the better of him and with a glint in his eye he took aim at a seemingly innocuous slow ball. On the boundary everyone knew what was coming. An audible groan, before the ball even reached the batsman, was quickly replaced by a chorus of laughter as Mellis swung wildly, spun on his heels finishing facing the pavilion. Phil Goodlad battled gamely, but it was all in vain. A club record, worst batting performance that afforded us enough time to go in for a 2nd innings!

The bowling, however, was more positive. There were good spells from Goodlad and Michael Hines; new boy, Ani Vaidya demonstrated good movement of the ball - although maybe a bit too much with some deliveries - and Bharat Balani took a splendid wicket.

All in all it was a chastening experience, but one from which, hopefully, everyone will emerge stronger.

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