Parish News

The Club received a letter of thanks from the organisers of September's charity six-a-side tournament for the victims of the Pakistan floods. The day raised it's target amount of 10,000.

The Club reached its target of not being humiliated. The team of Jack McGill*, Ewan Crawford, Tom Cara, Michael Hines, Gregor "Tiger" Dean and Matt Walmesley were beaten in the 1st Round by Queen's Park (not a no-ball in sight).

Jack McGill topped the scoring with an ugly 23 and new boy, Matt Walmesley, took two wickets in his over, despite tearing his hamstring in the warm up.

Friday 8th October is the Annual Dinner and Awards at Clydesdale Cricket Club. Dinner is at 7.30pm and is 18 per head. This is a members only event, but the club would be delighted for any firends to join us at Clydesdale for a drink from 9.30pm.

In other news, Tom Cara is injured once more. A slip on wet leaves resulted in a badly broken wrist that will require months of physiotherapy.

Tom asked the doctor if he would be able to bowl and bat after the operation. "Of course," said the doctor. "Good," said Tom, "because I couldn't before."

That is all.

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