Parish News: Football & Tapeball

Despite the lack of cricket there is still plenty going on to keep the members occupied.

On November 19, West of Scotland are hosting a quiz night. We have been invited to enter a team, but will need to let them know by the end of this week. If you would like to enter, drop Jack McGill an email and let him know.

The BBC Children in Need Sevens is the following Friday, November 26. As always, it is our intention to enter a team, with Nick Rougvie as captain. If you would like to join the 2008 runnrs-up, please let Jack McGill know. David Blane is in charge of recruiting wimmen.

Jack is also organising a Soothsiders' Christmas Nicht Oot, for the second or third week in December, to which the whole team is invited. More details to follow.

In lieu of that, if anyone would like a Christmas night out of our own please feel free to organise one.

Tapeball will be organised through December to keep the weight off and the muscles moving. Dates to follow, but do pencil in the New Year's Day Tapeball booze burn-off and levelling pint!

Finally, Alan and Jack will be making some changes to the website in the off-season. Some of the photos we used of all of you are, frankly, a little ropey. If you would like a specific photo of yourself posted, please send it in to Alan. (Gregor's not got a choice in this, it's the Tiger face that's going up).

That is all.

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