Meet the Team

bat RHB bowl Right-arm Legbreak

Member: 2008-2014
  • 2008: Best Newcomer
  • 2008: Captain’s Pick
  • 2009: Tourist of the Year
Paul Barnes
Member: 2013-2014
bat Eh...?

Member: 2009-2010
Member: Never
Hugh Bell
Member: 2014
William Cory
bat RHB bowl Right-arm slow

Member: 2012-2014
bat RHB bowl Right-arm medium-fast

Member: 2009-2013

Member: 2011-2013

Paul saw the best and the worst of Scottish club cricket during his cameo in 2008 at Inverclyde. Having been press-ganged into playing, during a meeting at the BBC, Paul turned on the style in a classy partnership with Tony Followell, only to see a lightning storm and lashing rain curtail his innings. Typical.

Member: Never
bowl Right-arm fast

Member: 2008-2010
  • 2008: Best Newcomer
  • 2009: Bowler of the Season
Jesse Godolphin
Member: 2013
Phil Goodlad
bowl Right-arm medium

Member: 2008-2010
Johnny Goodman

A mercurial player who bowled well in the BBC Cricket Cup, 2005, but then drifted in and out of the squad over a few seasons.

Member: 2008

Member: Never
Nick Lunn
Member: Never
“The Silver Ewok”

Member: 2008
bat RHB bowl Right…eh…

Member: 2009-2012

Gavin is another recent signing from the now disbanded Glasgow Biologists side. So keen was he to join the BBC club that he even nipped into the loo at work to take his photo for registration. A promising start to the side should lead to greater glory in the future.

Member: 2013
bowl Right-arm orthodox

Member: 2008, 2010
Jimmy Quigley
Member: 2011

One beautiful drive back down the ground for 4 is all we have to remember Jim, who was a member for ages, without actually playing.

Member: 2008-2009
Member: 2008-2011
bat RHB bowl Right-arm medium

Member: 2010-2014
  • 2010: Best Newcomer
  • 2011: Player of the Season
bat RHB bowl Right-arm fast

Member: 2011
  • 2011: Players’ Player of the Season
bowl Right-arm Orthodox

A Yorkshire lad with cricket in his blood, who was a mainstay of the Club. The diminutive Wells was a lightning-quick fielder with great hands. A Sheffield United fan and keen cyclist, he turned his hand to steady line and length bowling that often took wickets.

Phil, however, will always be remembered for THAT over away to Clyde in 2009 when Mike Bradley hit 32, after being dropped on the first ball of the over. Now working dahn saaf.

Member: 2008-2010