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This page shows customisable stats tables for any range of years from 2008 to the present year. To show a different year or range of years, select the start and end dates from the drop down boxes below. Stats for years pre-2010 contain less detail e.g. number of balls faced by batsmen, and number of wides and no balls bowled, so any range including any of these years will contain less detail e.g. strike rates. For matches from 2010 onward go to the page for each fixture to see exactly what data has been included so far.

Hover over the column headings to see what they mean and click on them to sort the table by that column.

You can filter the stats to include only WDCU competitive matches i.e. the Evening League and Greenwood Cup, although the system cannot distinguish competitive matches for years pre-2010 so they will always be included.

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Batting and Fielding Stats

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Bowling Stats

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